Shipping Troubles Slow Down Orders

I wanted to post today and give you all a much needed update on the behind the scenes here at Primal Pacs. Lately we have been behind on getting your deliveries out – this is unacceptable, but we are working on catching up. Here is a little of the why. Back in the beginning of […]

See You in Austin at PaleoFX!

PaleoFX is the world’s biggest gathering for people interested in the paleo and ancestral health movement, and Primal Pacs will be there! This year we’ll be taking over Austin April 24 to 26, hanging out with some of our favorite paleo thought leaders and bloggers, and eating as much delicious food as we can get […]

Bacon Sticks and Spicy Sticks Have Arrived

We’re proud to announce the launch of our newest product, Primal Pacs Bacon Infusion Sticks and Spicy Sticks. These new additions to our line of products are new ways to eat the jerky you’ve already grown to love – 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef jerky in a convenient new shape. Both new products are still completely free […]

New Improved Packaging!

Primal Pacs is 100% committed to always providing our customers with the best possible product. So when we recently had a batch of jerky go out that resulted in customer complaints about mold, we knew we had to act. So we are proud to announce that we have tweaked our packaging to make our product […]

Primal Pacs 4th of July Giveaway

Are you ready to celebrate our nation’s independence with a hot grill and a hunk of grass-fed beef? Are you headed out on an adventure and bringing your Primal Pacs, Spicy Jerky Sticks or Bacon Infusion Sticks with you? Well this weekend you have TWO ways to win tone of he best prize packs we’ve […]

April Fools? No Way. Discount Code and Contest!

April Fools’ Day is coming, but we pinkie promise that this is no joke: we’ve got a Primal Pacs discount code just for you. Now through April 1, 2014, you can save 10% on any order over $40.00. Plus, with every order you place, you’ll be entered to win a FREE bonus prize of $150.00 […]

Jumpstart Your January Whole30 With FREE Shipping

It’s no wonder why January is the most popular time of year to start a clean-eating program like the Whole30. You just survived two solid months of pie, cookies and cocktails, and it’s time to reinvent yourself and erase bad habits. But the Whole30 isn’t exactly easy – when you’re running around living life, there […]

Old School Primal Pacs Are Back… For a Limited Time

A few months ago we happily announced the introduction of our new packaging. Not only is it gorgeous (seriously – just look at how pretty those bags of jerky are), but it eliminated the sticky jerky issue that had bothered some customers. But evidently, some of you like sticky. So for a limited time, we’re […]

Halloween Giveaway

Scared that you won’t find any healthy snacks at your Halloween parties? Then plan ahead and bring some Primal Pacs. Not only will you be able to eat something delicious that is filled with protein, healthy fats and that delicious dried mango, you’ll have a chance to win a Primal Pac Prize Pack! Send a […]